Bioskills Labs & CoWork Space Combination Accelerates Success!

Every medical device manufacturer wants to get their newest and smartest product to market. What’s the fastest way without sacrificing quality and validation? How about cost and regulatory issues? The bioskills lab and cowork space combination offers a unique solution.

Bioskills + Co-Work = Dynamite

Bioskills labs offer intensive device development in near real world situations. For example, testing out a prototype in a human cadaver lab may reveal design glitches missed during development. You might even discover new uses for your device in this hands-on setting. Also, user fit and comfort issues can be identified before problems appear in the field.

When coupled with a cowork setting, such as HeLiX, the bioskills lab benefit is magnified even more. The private sector cowork ecosystem’s speed, agility, and ease of access provides a speedier and more agile introduction to market in contrast to the slower public sector “old-guard” institutions.

Do You Want Agility in Your Growth Projections?

Due to innovator community access and advanced resources, co-work settings have become what some call an “unfair advantage” for startups and agile medical device companies in the life sciences sector. An advantage that provides them with better traction in the marketplace and community.

Greg Shoemaker, of Target’s Future + Food coLab explains how start-ups in co-work communities can work in state-of-the-art facilities without ponying up huge amounts of cash. And there aren’t any bureaucratic hoops to jump through either. Everybody there works on the cutting edge. This realm is nearly impossible to touch by larger institutions. Some device makers take their ideas to large medical centers, but the process can be slow and cumbersome. Co-work spaces equipped with bioskills labs help smaller companies outflank bigger firms. Many of the most innovative products arise from these smaller, more agile settings.

Spend Less, Get More

For smaller firms, the bioskills lab can be especially attractive since some can be contracted in hourly increments. This provides a resource for startups lacking advanced lab facilities. Adjacent co-work office space can be leased in a similar manner without getting locked into long term contracts.

Even already established devices can benefit. Many companies currently explore new iterations to existing devices to avoid compliance hurdles and minimize spending.

Experienced Feedback from a Trusted Network of Experts

Top bioskills and co-work spaces, like HeLiX, offer an authentic health care facility level setting and expert consultants. The look and feel of a patient encounter suite or operating room produces valuable insight. Even better is when you recruit experienced end users to assist in testing and evaluation.

By incorporating the eyes, ears and hands of real end users you remove bias and get true customer feedback. The sum of their experience accelerates product development.

A Community That Makes Sense

Remember, doctors aren’t the only ones involved in the process. Nurses and techs offer a perspective that can improve the product experience for everyone. Other innovators in the co-work space enrich product evaluation too.

Even at later stages of development, things like friendly packaging and intuitive assemblies promote device acceptance. If you rely on the surgeon’s point of view only, you might miss out on some important practical advice.

Regulatory Issues

When it comes to FDA or other regulatory bodies, documentation is critical. Knowing when to start the process and involving the key experts at the right point can shave time, frustration and money from your timeline. Bioskills lab development, testing, and training can provide evidence that your company takes the appropriate steps in safety control and product validation.

The cowork space and bioskills lab combination address these key issues:

1. By involving expert and real world end users, development is accelerated.
2. Implements robust quality control and validation.
3. Co-work space puts companies in touch with other innovators.
4. Solves advanced office and lab space access, even for the startup.
5. Produces solid documentation to help satisfy regulatory requirements.

Few places bring such valuable resources to device makers looking to reach the market as quickly, and safely, as possible. HeLiX offers one of the top bioskills and cowork spaces in the country. Consult with other innovators and seasoned pros to get your product to market faster.

To book your next Bioskills Lab, contact Paul Mariani at 512-900-9633 or

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Break through the red tape, bureaucracy and rigimortis-like slow speed by working in a laboratory and coworking space that provides you with the combination needed for your company’s success. All neccessities for a life science and medical companies is under one roof!

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