The Battle of Healthcare Inside the Medical Entrepreneurship World

Healthcare vs. Disease Management

Obesity.  Diabetes.  Cancer.  Three of the top killers in America.  They’ve become accepted as inevitable parts of our lives.  These silent killers have lasting and devastating effects on individuals, families, and society as a whole.

With over a third of the population suffering obesity, 29 million diabetics, and 12.7 million people being diagnosed with cancer each year, these health issues have reached epic proportions.  Current treatments cost billions of dollars each year. Families are forced to make a devastating decision between fighting the battle against these diseases and financial ruin. Sadly, there are those who will choose to forgo treatment because it is too expensive, too frightening, or in the case of rare cancers, unlikely to work.

With diagnoses of juvenile diabetes and cancer on the rise it is clear now more than ever that a change is needed.  Society, the workforce, families, and individuals all suffer the consequences of these deadly diagnoses.

What are we doing about it?  The current system is broken.

Healthcare has become synonymous with disease management.  Instead of managing and cultivating good health and propagating the ideas that lead to better treatments, potential cures, and a higher quality of life, we live with the status quo.

Lifespans might be increasing, but quality of life is not keeping pace.  Getting a new drug, device, or procedure from concept to market takes so long that patients face worsening health, complications, and even death while they wait for treatments to become available. The costs of labs and necessary equipment are so prohibitive; many ideas never get off the ground.

Just think, one of these researchers could cure pancreatic cancer but will never get the chance to test their ideas because funding is not easily available or attainable. The current standards for medical and lifestyle innovations put so many roadblocks in the paths of those who would change the world.

Collaborative Medical Innovation With CoWorking

HeLiX is changing that with its new coworking space located in Austin, TX.  The first of its kind in the region, HeLiX offers those who focus on the life sciences, medicine, and medical devices an opportunity to buck the traditional university funded research initiative in favor of a private collaborative space that is much more cost effective.

The facility boasts a state of the art bioskills lab, a mock surgical theatre, tech savvy office and conference space, and the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the field. Fabrication labs equipped with 3D printers, human factor engineering rooms, and up to date modern wet labs are just a few of the cutting edge amenities that HeLiX offers its members.  Fully equipped meeting spaces encourage users to utilize the HeLiX coworking environment rather than maintain expensive facilities of their own.  This saves both time and money for innovators, end-users, and everyone in between.

With its unique platform, HeLiX allows startups and established companies alike the opportunity to get from concept to market much faster than what is now considered the norm.  That translates to thousands of lives saved and improved through this privately funded approach that puts innovation, collaboration and a streamlined specialized facility in the grasp of many more researchers, scientists, and doctors.

The privatized nature of coworking means that a lot of the red tape expected in the public sector disappears or becomes much less prohibitive. Areas of research considered too risky for public funding but too cost prohibitive for private funding will find HeLiX to be a willing partner where users can experience unheard of freedom and limited institutional oversight that can so often stunt project progress.

HeLiX: Changing the Face of Medical Entrepreneurship

The specialized approach HeLiX offers its members eH encourages a sharing environment whose sole focus is on getting solutions to market faster, safer, and more effectively than ever before.  Rather than limiting potential innovators in life science, healthcare, and medical devices, HeLiX coworking offers medical entrepreneurs exposure to stakeholders, investors, nurses, doctors, universities, and end users.

This culture of collaboration pushes discovery and innovation forward while challenging the current competitive and restrictive nature of research and innovation. The convenient central location provides access to everyone from end users to stakeholders and investors.

HeLiX is creating an environment where the top innovators in life sciences, healthcare, and medical devices can meet, bring their ideas to life, and create a culture of idea sharing to solve the health epidemics plaguing us today.

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